Rip Us Off!

Have more fun with your friends. We'll help you pay for it!

Invite your friends to join the 4FUN community and they'll automatically receive a S$4 Play credit upon signing up. And because we love you too - you'll receive the same for each friend who signs up!

How does it work?

❶  Get started by grabbing your first $12 worth of Play Credits from the invoice which we have sent to your email after you've signed up with us as a member. 

❷  Invite your friends to join 4FUN and send them S$4 Play credit through your unique promo code: RIP (example: RIP19260035)

When your friends sign up with 4FUN using your promo code, you'll get S$4 Play credit. No questions ask. 

The more friends you invite, the more you'll earn (with no limit on the amount you can earn). 

We are paying for everyone to Play for FREE, so please, go ahead and Rip Us Off!

Subject to Terms and Conditions