Power Vinyasa

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  • Date: 6/5/2019 06:10 PM
  • Location: Telok Ayer Street, Singapore (Map)
  • More Info: (Exact address will be provided after booking)


Ticket Type
Power Vinyasa Yoga class
Each ticket admits (1) 4FUN member to a 60 minutes Power Vinyasa Yoga class.
Silent Audio Set
Upgrade your session to a fully immersive, noise-cancelling SILENT YOGA experience.
Entry level noise-cancellation earphones
Entry level 3.5mm jack noise-cancellation earphones for purchase. Bring your own preferred 3.5mm jack earphones for best audio experience.
HIIT Tabata class
Each ticket admits (1) 4FUN member to a 35 minutes HIIT Tabata class.




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A POWERFUL class created by Master Trainer Rafael, focusing primarily on building strength, cardio and flexibility.
The few who had taken on this POWERFUL sequence had labelled it the 'System for Warriors' while many consider it to be "gym yoga".
Whichever your take is, you're welcome to take on and benefit from this class which encompasses the 3 major fitness components.

What separates Rafael's system from other training programs is its culture. He calls for progress through foundation-laying and consistency, concentrating not on the complicated poses which provide minimal health benefits but on the ones that have the most impact on the body and gives the quickest results, often which are the most basic and the most demanding if done right.
Sign up as a WARRIOR and be part of this POWERFUL system today for just $4.

*Upgrade your session to a fully immersive, noise-cancelling SILENT YOGA experience at $4.

Want more of that workout punch before your yoga session? Join the team at New Black Fitness for a HIIT Tabata session for Fat Loss & Strength, 6:30pm at just $4 !

What To Bring:

  • Own Yoga mat
  • Be here in active/yoga wear
  • A pair of 3.5mm jack earphones for your Silent Yoga experience

(Entry level noise-cancellation earphones are available for purchase at $4.)